Spying Sellers May Compromise Negotiations.


Hand holding smartphone view looking in house on blurred house background with Home security CCTV system concept.

Examples of more and more instances are starting to surface of sellers using hidden cameras to monitor activity in their homes during showings, and it may affect when, where and how buyers and their Realtors should react when viewing a property. Though it may seem an appropriate practice in high end homes containing expensive valuables, it's not limited to the luxury real estate market. Hidden camaras have been found in fixer uppers and other lower priced homes as well. The problem is that the equipment is so affordable that any seller can afford it.

Buyers should be advised to be circumspect during showings. Cameras that capture a buyer's exuberance or dissatisfaction with a home could reveal important negotiation leverage that the seller can later use against the buyer. You are better off not saying anything when you are in the house.

Buyers working with Realtors may want to work out a plan for communicating about a property before heading to the showing. Maybe treat the showing as if the seller is sitting in the living room.

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