New Richmond Trail open to the public

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Richmond's latest trail is now open to the public.

The 2.9 kilometre public trail at the Garden City Lands is multi-use and works as a loop around the lands for walking and cycling.

Trails users are advised that only the permieter trail loop is open to the public at this time. The parellel trail network is reserved for use by farm equipment and city vehicles still working on the site.

The spectacular open space on the edge of the city centre is unique in supporting community farming and environmental preservation and providing tremendous recreational opportunities for the entire community.

In addition to completing the trails network, the city has also completed significant soil and drainage improvements to support planned farming and urban agriculture uses on the site; preserve the environmentally sensitive bog area in the southeast corner of the site and manage stormwater and groundwater flow throughout the site.

More than 700 trees and 50,000 shrubs, all native to the area have been planted along the perimeter trail.

A portion of the site has been leased to Kwantlen Polytechnic Univerisity for use as part of its Farm School Program. The site preparation is now underway for Kwantlen's inaugural farming season.

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