New Map of 10 Heritage Homes in Grandview


heritage home

If you enjoy Vancouver's heritage homes you may want to take note - Granview Heritage Group has just released a map for the 2018 edition of it Centenary Sign Houses project.

The map pinpoints the location of 10 homes in the neighbourhood, along with historical details and the architectural style of each house. Signs are also posted on each of the properties for a year for passerbyers to see.

These houses are all 100 years old or more and up to 24 houses that retain as many of their original features as possible have been selected over the years. 

One of the criteria is that the owner has to agree to having a sign on their lawn for a year - which is rarely a problem.

To check out homes from earlier editions of the project click here and select one of the years listed at the top of the page.

There is also a tab for the Grandview database, which features information about more than 5,000  properties, about 1,500 of which no longer exist.

The sign posted the properties of homes selected for the Centenary Sign Houses project. Photo Penny

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