Crime in Delta is not too bad!


csi chart

The City of Delta has experienced another decrease in its crime severity index (CSI) and continues to be well below the Metro Vancouver national averages.

While the Canadian CSI increased slightly by 1 index point to 72, Delta continued its downward trend to hit its lowest point since the index began.

The overall CSI for Delta remained relatively constant between 2015 and 2016, but saw a decrease in 2017 due to a significant drop in violent crime.

The CSI is a measurement of crime that reflects the relative seriousness of offences. For example, robbery is given more weight in the index compared to disturbing the peace. A low CSI rate is indicative of a safer community.

So far in 2018, crime appears to be levellilng off and as Delta's CSI declines to historic lows, continued reductions will become more difficult.

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