Bob's Submarines Closes in Richmond after decades in business

Bob's sandwich and all day breakfast spot at No. 3 and Cook Roads closed its  doors last week after nearly 30 years in business.

The submarine shop was doing a booming business south of the Brighouse Station, offering huge portions at rock bottom prices,but the shop was forced to shut down because of redevelopment.

Bob's seated about 30 people and was stuck in a bit of a time warp that could be seen with it's prices. All day breakfast is a calling card. Eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, toast and coffee - all for less than $5. Then there was the likes of corned beef or steak and cheese subs, chicken salad and fried chicken.

Behind it all is the husband and wife team of Mi-Yeong and Frank Lee, Korean immigrants from the early 1980's, who raised 2 children in Richmond.

They came to Richmond to study but soon found Bob's, operated by their friend Bob, who changed the name from its original name 'Paul's Subs'.

The food was always Western food. Never once had they considered mixing their roots into the business. They didn't want to toy with the original business recipe.

They knew the time to close was coming, because of all the changes in the area. Whether the business is reincarnated elsewhere, time will tell, but retirement is certainly an option.

Finding a new location with a similar lease rate will be very difficult. Mi-Yeong went on to say - 'things are changing, I guess for the good, maybe for the bad. I can't say. Everyone sees it differently. 

An end of an era for Richmond.

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