75% of users say scandal has changed their Facebook habits

New revelations about a U.K. data firm gathering data from 50 million users has changed how many Canadians view Facebook.

According to a recent survey, almost 75% of Facebook users in Canada say they are at least making some changes to how they interact with the social media platform, 27% say they will keep using Facebook as usual and 10% say they plan on abandoning the platform all together.

The majority of B.C.'s Facebook users are on alert - with more than half saying they will make changes as to how they use the social platform, including 37% who say they will keep using Facebook but check and/or change their privacy setting and 27% say they will use Facebook less. 7% of BCer's say they will suspend their account and 5% are planning  on deleting Facebook.

What are your plans?

facebook fallout

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